Tension-Type Headache

  • TTHs are very common and usually are not incapacitating.

  • Most TTHs occur during periods of high stress or emotion.

  • Taking medications too frequently can lead to the development of rebound headaches, where the treatment becomes the culprit.

  • Medication-overuse headache is an example of our society’s addiction to instant gratification.

  • If you are suffering from frequent headaches, it is time to get expert help.

Although tension-type headache (TTH) is the most frequent of the primary headaches, it is the least distinct and least understood of the headache disorders. In fact, its clinical diagnosis is based chiefly on the absence of symptoms that characterize migraine. In many cases, patients are suffering from migraine, but have been erroneously diagnosed as having TTH headaches.

Characteristics of TTH:

  • Mild to moderate pain

  • Headache occurs on both sides of the head, in the forehead, in the back of the head, or all over the head.

  • Pain does not awaken you at night.

  • Pain is not worsened with physical activity.

  • There is no aura or premonitory symptoms.

  • Pain is pressure-like, steady, dull, achy, and constant.

  • There is no associated nausea and/or vomiting.

  • There may be sensitivity to light or sound, but not to both.